Sue got us a new couch. I'm not saying I don't like it. It's just not the style I would have picked, as I prefer a more mediterranean look.

We've never had a brand new couch before. I guess it's better than the old one that had been free, after a neighbor didn't want it. "Sure, I'll take it," she said. "I've got dogs." (What the hell was that supposed to mean?) There was nothing wrong with it, though, if you threw a blanket on it, and all she had to do to keep it clean was wash the blanket ten times a day.

Anyway, I don't know what she's been smoking, but I'd like to have some. She thinks it will be easier to keep clean, since it's leather. Can you say, "In your dreams?" Can you say, "I've got beach property in Denver to sell you?" She thinks all she has to do is wipe it once a day, and it will look good as new.

All I can say is, Lisle gets more mud in one paw than a mud wrestling box, so Sue, good luck with that clean couch dream you've got going on there.

But all in all, it's quite comfortable and color coordinates with the floor, especially after a good rain.

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